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Restaurant FAQs

Can I use the "ANA Diamond Service" gift card?

In regards to the "ANA Coupon (white card)", all dining services are not applicable for use.
The "ANA Diamond Service" gift cardANAダイヤモンドサービス is applicable to standard dining services only at the following dining services (circled below):

*In the case that a guest purchases a special dining course, the Diamond gift card cannot be used.

Do I need to make a reservation?
While a reservation is not required, we highly encourage guests to reserve in advance as to avoid possible waiting time.
We accept online reservations, and the restaurant reservation portal can be accessed by clicking into "Reservation" header located at the top right of our hotel page.
Will I be able to see the Rainbow Bridge and ocean view while dining?

We offer a spectacular view of the Tokyo Bay in the following restaurants:

Is breakfast available?

We offer breakfast service in the following restaurants:

Chef's Live Kitchen (3F): Buffet-style
Adults: ¥3,031 / Children: (4 to 12 years of age) ¥1,818

  • *All menu prices are subject to consumption tax and a 13% service charge.
  • *We do not accept reservations ahead of time.
  • *During the New Year's holiday period, rates may be subject to change.
Can I use the parking space?

For guests that are coming by car, we provide a parking space in the basement floors of our hotel. We offer 2 hours of free parking for guests who spend at least 5,000 yen at one of our hotel restaurants.

Guests may choose from our entire selection of hotel restaurants to dine at (Chef’s Live Kitchen, La Provence, Italian Dining Zillion, Teppan-Yaki Takumi, New York Lounge, and Manhattan).
For more information please refer to the "Other Facilities and Services FAQs" page.

Are there any services provided for anniversaries and special celebrations?

We accept special orders for anniversary cakes, flower bouquets and flower arrangements.

  • Anniversary Cake: ¥2,298 (tax and service fee included)
  • Flower Bouquets/Arrangements: ¥1,188 (tax included)
  • *For more information about our rose bouquets, please click on the link below (shown in Japanese): Bouquet of roses
    For inquiries (Japanese/English), feel free to contact us directly at 03-5404-7895 (Restaurant Reception).
  • *Please note that during Christmas season, the aforementioned services will not be provided.
Are there smoking areas provided in the restaurants?
All hotel restaurants and lounges enforce a strict non-smoking policy.
Is there a dress code?
We enforce a dress code for restaurants such as La Provence, Teppan-Yaki Takumi and Manhattan, and kindly ask guests to refrain from wearing articles such as athletic gear, t-shirts, shorts, torn or loose-fitting clothing, sandals and sneakers when utilizing these dining services.
Other restaurants do not have any dress code restrictions.
Are there wheelchair accessible (barrier free) dining spaces?
All hotel restaurants are wheelchair accessible/barrier free.
Are there restaurants with private rooms?

We offer private dining rooms in the following restaurants:

Can I book a restaurant for a private event/party?
Yes, we can accept bookings for a private event/party.
Please make sure to check the maximum group capacity of each of our restaurants prior to booking a private event.
Is the restaurant available to host after-parties?
Yes, the restaurant has the capacity to host small-scale after-parties. If you wish to invite a large number of people, please check with us in advance.
Which restaurants are family-friendly?

Please refer to the following list of restaurants:


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