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N.Y. Lounge Boutique offers a delightful array of exquisite sweets that have been meticulously crafted by our expert pastry chef. In addition to our delectable confections, we also offer a curated selection of hotel-original merchandise, including towels and aromatic oils, perfect for souvenirs.
Not only for takeout, but our delivery service is also available for the afternoon tea set, bento box, and even the party set. Please experience the freshness of the InterContinental Tokyo Bay and select a gift for your family or loved ones at the shop or through our online store.

Chef's Message
Chef Pâtissier Tsunaki Yao

Chef Pâtissier Tsunaki Yao

Important Elements in Addition to Deliciousness

We place considerable emphasis on surprise, enjoyment, and beauty in our confections, so as to excite our customers before they partake of our sweets.
Please enjoy the aroma, texture, and beautiful appearance, as well as the delicious taste.

Take out & Delivery


An array of sweets such as seasonal delights and whole cakes are available for purchase.

  • Chocolat Mousse 710 yen
  • Strawberrry Panna cotta 650 yen
  • Mille-Feuille 710 yen
  • Strawberry Cake 740 yen
  • Tiramisu 680 yen
Take out & Delivery

Anniversary Cake

Cakes that are created from seasonal ingredients with the finest attention to detail will ensure satisfaction for special occasions.

  • Anniversary Shortcake 2,376(10 cm) yen -11,880(24 cm) yen
  • Seasonal Fruit Tart 5,400 yen - 5,800 yen
Take out & Delivery

Baked Goods & Sweets Gift

Delight in an array of baked delicacies, chocolate treasures, and handcrafted pound cakes. find the perfect gift to astonish your beloved ones.

  • Assorted Baked Sweets: 12 pieces 4,104 yen / 18 pieces 6,264 yen
  • Madeleine Box (5 pieces) 1,944 yen
  • Bon Bon Chocolat: 4 pieces 4,320 yen / 9 pieces 2,052 yen
  • Original Pound Cake / Fruitcake 3,024 yen


Take out & Delivery

Take out & Delivery

Indulge in our diverse takeout and delivery menus, featuring seasonal afternoon tea boxes brimming with homemade sweets and savory delights, or savory top-quality beef steak bento boxes. Savor the essence of InterContinental Tokyo Bay from the comfort of your home.

  • Afternoon Tea Box 3,996 yen
  • Steak Rice Box 3,024 yen


Take out & Delivery

Amenity & Original Goods

Room amenities and original goods are available for purchase for use at home.

  • Golf Ball 1,320 yen
  • Fragrance Mist 7,700 yen
  • Aroma Oil 4,180 yen
  • Bath Salt (700g) 6,050 yen
  • Wash Towel 1,100 yen
  • Bath Robe 16,500 yen


Take out & Delivery

Gift Collection

Beautifully presented exclusive gift boxes are the perfect way to celebrate any occasion.

  • Original Retort Pouch Black Curry 756 yen
  • Original Retort Pouch Curry Assortment 4,860 yen
  • Amande Chocolat (3 box set) 2,648 yen


Location InterContinental Tokyo Bay
1-16-2 Kaigan, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 105-8576 Japan
Hours 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Phone Number TEL: +81-3-5404-7895 (Direct)
  • The images provided are for illustrative purposes only and may not accurately represent the actual dish or beverage.
  • All menu prices are tax inclusive and subject to service charge.
  • Due to the seasonal availability of ingredients, the menu is subject to change without prior notice.


The InterContinental Tokyo Bay enjoys a prime position, situated within close proximity to prominent business hubs, shopping districts, and vibrant entertainment centers.

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