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Hotel Regulations

To ensure the safety, security and comfort of guests staying at InterContinental Tokyo Bay, we ask for your cooperation and adherence to the following House Rules, which have been established in accordance with Article 10 of the Accommodation Terms and Conditions. If you do not comply with these rules, the Hotel may be forced to refuse accommodation and use of the Hotel facilities. Please pay particular attention, as you may also be responsible for any damages incurred by the Hotel.

1. Use of Guest Rooms

  1. Please check the evacuation route map for evacuation from your guest room. The map is posted on the back of the door to each guest room.
  2. Be sure to identify any visitors through the door peephole or keep the door latch on when in your room, particularly when going to bed.
  3. When someone knocks on the door, please open the door with the door latch on, or check through the door peep hole. Please do not open your door inadvertently to any suspicious visitors and report any suspicions to the assistant manager.
  4. All guest rooms are non-smoking. All forms of smoking (including electronic cigarettes) will be prohibited within the hotel facilities.
  5. Use of heaters, cooking equipment, candles, etc. in guest rooms or hallways without the Hotel's permission is prohibited. Cooking inside guest rooms is strictly prohibited (except in rooms where cooking facilities are provided).
  6. Please refrain from hanging clothing or laundry on guestroom lamp shades.
  7. Please do not use the guest rooms for any purpose other than your stay, such as for business activities (exhibitions or others), without the Hotel's permission.
  8. Please do not reconfigure the current layout of the room, including rearranging the fixtures and fittings inside the room or restructuring or remodeling the inside of the room, without the Hotel's permission. You may be billed for any missing or damaged items. Please do not take small articles or equipment out of guest rooms. Please also refrain from placing anything near the windows that will detract from the external appearance of the Hotel.
  9. Please refrain from inviting visitors to your guestroom in the evening.
  10. Lease, sublease, residential and rental rights are not acknowledged for guests with extended stay contracts.
  11. No one who has not fully registered as a guest may stay overnight in the Hotel.
  12. Minors cannot be accommodated without approval of their legal guardians or parents.

2. Guest Room Card Keys

  1. When going out of your room during your stay, please be sure to take the card key and check that the door is locked.
  2. Please show your room card key or your card key case when signing for bills at the restaurants, bars or other Hotel facilities.
  3. Please be sure to return your guestroom card key to the Front Desk upon check-out.

3. Settlement of Accounts

  1. Please settle your account at the Front Desk when checking-out. The Hotel reserves the right, however, to request payment during your stay. Please settle your account upon request. In the event your account is not settled upon the Hotel’s request, you may be asked to vacate your room.
  2. The Hotel will accept payment in cash, travelers’ checks and hotel vouchers or by credit card or other means agreed upon by the Hotel. Personal checks or promissory notes are not accepted.
  3. Please note that the Hotel may request an imprint of your credit card upon check-in, or may request a deposit.
  4. When it is agreed that payment shall be made by someone other than the actual guest and payment has not been duly received by the designated date, the Hotel may bill Guest directly.
  5. The Hotel will not pay for any guest’s private expenses such as purchases, ticket fees, taxi fares, stamps and shipping charges on their behalf.
  6. Use of the telephone line in your room will be added to your bill, including cases where no actual telephone charges are incurred but lines are used. Public telephones are provided in the Main Lobby on the premises.
  7. Individual tipping is not accepted in lieu of the standard 15% Service Charge added to bills in addition to government taxes.

4. Valuables and Entrusted Items

  1. Please use the complimentary safety deposit boxes at the Front Desk for storing your cash, securities and other valuables. The Hotel may not be held liable for cash or valuables that are lost, stolen or damaged if kept elsewhere (including in the safety deposit boxes in guest rooms). The Hotel is unable to store works of art, valuable antiques or furs. You may only use the safety deposit boxes whilst staying at the hotel as a registered guest. If you check out having left articles in a safety deposit box without permission, you may be billed for replacement locks and keys and storage. The Hotel may not be held liable for articles stored in the safety deposit boxes that go missing or are damaged.
  2. The Bell Desk, Front Desk and Cloakroom cannot be used as places for storing cash, securities or other valuables or perishable or fragile items, regardless of whether you are staying at the Hotel or not. The Hotel may not be held liable for the loss or theft of cash, securities or other valuables, for the spoilage of perishable items, or for damage to fragile items when left in the aforementioned places.
  3. The Hotel will return stored items entrusted by guests only to those parties bearing storage claim stubs. The Hotel accepts no liability for loss, theft or other damage regardless of the cause arising as a result of loss of the storage claim stub. The Hotel also accepts no liability for loss or damage after the stored items have been handed over to the bearer of the stub.
  4. The Hotel will keep items of lost property for a given period, etc. and will then handle any unclaimed items in accordance with Japan's Lost Property Act.
  5. Articles entrusted for safekeeping will be kept for the following periods unless otherwise specified. If you fail to claim an article entrusted for safekeeping within the specified period, it will be assumed that you have no intention of picking up the article.
    1. Items left at Cloakroom: One month
    2. Items left in Bell Desk: Three months
    3. Items left at the Front Desk by registered guests or visitors: One month

5. The Premier Club Members and IHG® Rewards Club Members

  1. The Premier Club Members and IHG® Rewards Club Members who are found to have breached the Membership Terms and Conditions, the Accommodation Terms and Conditions, and/or the House Rules will have their membership cancelled and the Hotel may refuse future usage of its facilities in accordance with the Premier Club Membership Terms and Conditions and IHG® Rewards Club Membership Terms and Conditions.

6. Use of the Hotel Parking Facilities

  1. Please follow the instructions on the signage when using the Hotel parking facilities.
  2. Please do not leave valuables or other items in your vehicle. The Hotel cannot be held liable for the loss or theft of any items in vehicles parked on the premises.
  3. Parking in front of the front entrance to the Hotel is strictly prohibited. Please use the underground parking facilities.
  4. Your vehicle may be towed away if you fail to park in the parking space designated by the Hotel personnel. You will be required to pay any charges associated with towing.
  5. The parking fee for guests is ¥3,000 per vehicle per day. Parking vouchers are available at the Front Desk.

7. Organized Crime Groups and Threats to Public Order

  1. Use of the Hotel by designated organized crime groups and designated organized crime group members, etc., as provided for under the Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Group Members (enforced on March 1, 1992) will be refused. (If the Hotel becomes aware of any such use after a reservation is made or during use, it will refuse use from that time onward.)
  2. Use of the Hotel by antisocial groups and antisocial group members (including organized crime groups or extremist groups, etc., and their members) will be refused.
    (If the Hotel becomes aware of any such use after a reservation is made or during use, it will refuse use from that time onward.)
  3. Use of the Hotel will be refused immediately to persons found to have engaged in violence, intimidation, extortion, intimidating and unreasonable demands, or other similar acts. Persons who have committed similar acts in the past will also be forbidden from using the Hotel.
  4. Individuals whose safety cannot be ensured due to them being mentally or physically unwell or under the influence of drugs or alcohol and not of sound mind and individuals who could potentially cause injury, fear or anxiety to other Guests will be refused use of the Hotel.
  5. The Hotel will immediately refuse use of the facilities to any individuals who offend or inconvenience other Guests through loud, singing or rowdy behavior either on the Hotel premises or in their guestrooms, and individuals who engage in gambling or other activities detrimental to public order and morals. Individuals who engage in any similar activities to the foregoing will also be refused use of the Hotel.

8. Please Do Not Cause Annoyance to Other Guests by Bringing the Following Items into the Hotel or Engaging in the Following Acts

  1. Dogs, cats, birds and other animals or pets; (seeing eye and assistance dogs permitted);
  2. Gunpowder, volatile oils or other explosives or inflammables;
  3. Objects emitting a foul odor;
  4. Unregistered firearms, swords, drugs or other articles the possession of which is prohibited by the laws of Japan;
  5. Bringing food or drink into the Hotel from outside;
  6. Engaging in gambling or behaving in an indecorous manner or committing acts likely to cause annoyance to other guests;
  7. Wearing outside your guest room the yukata (Japanese kimono-robe), bathrobe and slippers provided for your use;
  8. Distributing advertising or publicity materials, selling commodities or soliciting business;
  9. Taking photographs in public spaces inside the Hotel or using photographs taken inside the Hotel for business purposes without the Hotel's permission;
  10. Using mobile phones in a manner which will offend or inconvenience other guests, for example, to have conversations or speak loudly in inappropriate places.
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