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Information 2019.02.07

Announcement of a new automatic currency exchange machine installation

As of January 29th, 2019 we have installed a new automatic currency exchange machine in the lobby on the first floor to improve the level of convenience provided to all our guests.


  • 1F - First floor in the lobby near the Front desk

Hours of Operation

  • 24hours; Everyday

12 Currencies Available

  • US Dollar (USD) / Euro (EUR) / UK Pound (GBP) / Canadian Dollar (CAD) / Australian Dollar (AUD) / Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) / Taiwan Dollar (TWD) /Singapore Dollar (SGD) / Chinese Yuan (CNY) / Korean Won (KRW) / Thai Baht (THB) / Russian Ruble (RUB)


  • Currency exchange is available up to 100,000 JPY at once.
  • The operation panel supports 10 languages (audio guidance is only available in Japanese and English)