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Rainbow Bridge View Dining & Champagne Bar MANHATTAN: Manhattan Smoked Burger

An authentic burger with fine aged beef. Enjoy the refreshing breeze on the terrace overlooking Tokyo Bay.

A new menu item, the "Manhattan Smoked Burger", has been launched by Manhattan Chef Taisuke INOUE.
Please enjoy our signature menu of "finely aged beef" with toasted buns and thick pieces of chopped bacon and tomatoes.
Savor a moment of elegance with champagne or beer on our exclusive terrace seating overlooking Tokyo Bay and the Rainbow Bridge.

Manhattan smoked burger and fried potatoes with green olives


Just before serving the burger, we cover it with a glass cloche* and lock it together with smoked cherry chips.
While being served, enjoy the wonderful presentation when the burger comes out of the steam as you open the cloche lid. The beef patty and bacon are infused with the smoked fragrance, and the taste is thus further enhanced.
* Cloche = A dome-shaped lid to cover and protect the food.

    The dough is baked in our in-house oven, sliced in half, and then carefully painted with mustard butter and baked well to give it its flavor.
    Included is an all-beef patty, purple onions, melted cheese, bacon, tomatoes and lettuce, and finished off with a hearty texture. The bacon and tomatoes are thick and crunchy as expected.
    [Beef Patty]
    We always use our 100% "aged beef" which has become a staple menu in the dining area of Manhattan.
    A rich tasting deep red wine sauce, which is provided separately, adds flavor to the vegetables, fond de veau and ground beef. Have your burger just the way you like it.

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