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N.Y. LOUNGE offers a rich selection of cakes, baked goods, breads & hotel original goods carefully created by Executive Chef Pâtissier Junji Tokunaga.
Please enjoy the InterContinental's unique pastries in your own home or as a gift.


Christmas cakes and sweets collection 2019


[ November 1 - December 25, 2019 ]

Christmas cakes & sweets collection 2019

We have a special "Strawberry Shortcake" and a lot of other adorable Christmas cakes will be available during the Holy Night event.
The event is being produced by Executive Chef Pâtisserie Junji Tokunaga, who has earned achievements in numerous competitions, such as runner-up of the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie 2015 and first place in the Chocolate Pièce montée category at the N.Y. Lounge Boutique. Spend a relaxing holiday season with our Christmas sweets.

Christmas Shortcake 15cm ¥4,800 / 18cm ¥7,200
Fraisier ¥4,800
Foret Noire ¥4,800
Marron Poire ¥4,800
Pound Cake


Pound Cake

We have prepared the new items by executive chef patissier Junji Tokunaga, including his original styled "Weekend Citron", "Chocolate Cake", and "Fruit Cake".

Cake Chocolat ¥2,000
Cake fruits ¥2,400
Weekend Citron ¥1,800
Bonbon Chocolat


Bonbon Chocolat

4 pieces ¥1,900
9 pieces ¥3,400
18 pieces ¥9,000

Petit Gateau

Petit Gateau

[ December 1 - 25, 2019 ]

Seasonal Cakes
Saint-honore Chocolat ¥600 [new]
Yuzu ¥600 [new]
ÉclairFraise ¥600 [new]
Cassis ¥600 [new]
Marron Rhum Raisin ¥600
Fromage Cru ¥600
Caramel Chocolate Orange ¥600
New York cheesecake ¥600
Savarin Marron Poire ¥620
Tart Citron Earl Grey ¥600
Foret Noire ¥600
Strawberry Short Cake ¥580
Mont Blanc ¥650
Chou à la Crème ¥350
Crème Caramel ¥380
Whole Cakes
Strawberry Rolled Cake ¥2,300 [new]
Strawberry Short Cake ¥3,200
Anniversary Cakes

Anniversary Cakes

Short Cake (Round 10cm - 30cm) ¥2,000 - ¥19,000
Short Cake (square 15cm - 30cm) ¥5,000 - ¥24,000
Caramel Chocolate Orange (Rectangle 7.5cm×8cm - 18cm×8cm) ¥1,900 - ¥4,560
Amenity & Gift Collection

Amenity & Gift Collection

Amenity & Original Goods
Tote Bag ¥1,200 [new]
Golf Ball ¥1,200 [new]
Fragrance Mist ¥7,000
Aroma Oil ¥3,800
Bath Salt (700g) ¥5,500
Agraria Amenity (100ml) ¥1,600
Wash Towel ¥1,000
Bath Robe ¥15,000
Gift Collection
Baked goods (12 pieces) ¥3,600
Baked goods (18 pieces) ¥5,600
Madeleine (5 pieces) ¥1,840

Tel: +81-3-5404-7895

Chef's Profile

Executive Chef Pâtissier Junji TOKUNAGA

Executive Chef Pâtissier Tokunaga has gained his knowledge and experience from several renowned restaurants and hotels including the Michelin-starred restaurant "La Baie" at the Ritz-Carlton Osaka as a Chef pâtissier since 2004, and at the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo​ as a Pastry Chef &​Chocolatier​ since 2007.
He received many awards and honors throughout his career such as ​second place prize on the "Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie",and the "Press" prize on his hocolate desserts in 2015.
Tokunaga has been appointed the ​Executive Chef Pâtissier at InterContinental Tokyo Bay since April 2016.



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